Harry Potter Props | Harry Potter Photo Booth

Harry Potter Props

Set of 5 Harry Potter photo booth props. Hand-made from stiff and soft felt. Each prop comes secured to a 12 inch wooden dowel rod. 

Harry Potter Set -
♥ Muggle Arrow Sign - 11" wide, 6" tall
♥ Sorting Hat - 12" wide, 9" tall
♥ HP Bolt Glasses - 6.5" wide, 4.25" tall
♥ Spectre Specs - 8.5" wide, 3.5" tall
♥ Butter Beer - 6" wide, 9" tall

♥ All items and sets are made to order. 
♥ Current wait time for this one set is 4-5 business days from your date of purchase plus shipping time.
♥ Shipping time varies by location, especially those outside the continental US.
♥ Please note that wait time will increase with the addition of other items/sets to your order. 
♥ If you are interested in receiving this item by a certain date please contact me first. Expedited shipping may be required.

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